Madame “O” Libertine Society is private and not open to the public; we have established very severe entering rules in order to maintain the network exclusive.  

Our “Libertine Society” welcomes quality people, who are older than 18 years, without making racial, sexual, religious nor sexual inclination differences. We are firmly against and we fight paedophilia, prostitution, any use of drugs and the abuse of alcohol; Members who should be inclined to these tendencies will be immediately expelled, and in the more serious cases, if penalizable, they will be reported to the competent authorities.

The Application Form has been created in order to make the most possible correct access evaluations; therefore, we invite Candidates to provide us with real details, pictures and thoughts. The discreet nature of our “Libertine Society” imposes us to pay particular attention to the protection of the Members’s privacy as well as of those aspiring to become; for these reasons, we suggest you examine the document concerning the treatment of personal information under the section Privacy.

If the Application Form will be favourably evaluated, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to You. The access to the Web Site’s Reserved Area will be possible through the email address and Password you provided us filling in the Application Form.

Forwarding the Application Form duly completed and receiving a positive evaluation from Madame "O" can be considered a pre-registration that able you the right to enter the Reserved Area of the Web Site and to reserve your participation to the proposed events. Anyway, your registration as well as your Membership will be accomplished at the moment of your entrance to the party and just after an in-situ verification of the truth of the information and of the photos provided in the Application Form. This verification could happen also thanks to the specific and personal introduction of a Member "Libertine Society",or in case there is a personal acquaintance with Madame "O".

P.S. For couples the request will be evaluated as a couple, therefore it will not be possible to take part to the offered activities with a different partner from the registered one.

P.S. The Membership is strictly personal. The access to any proposed activity will require an in-situ verification of the truth of the information provided in the Application Form; furthermore the correspondence between the sent pictures and the appearance of the people wishing to enter will be checked. In case of negative results of these verifications, access will be denied and the Membership will be immediately revoked and the name will be cancelled from the Members list.

P.S.  During the evaluation of the Application Form, the possible invitation from people already being Members, eases the procedure, however it does not ensure the positive result of the submitted request; the inviting Member needs to be careful and responsible in favouring the access of new people.